Due to the nature of these items, once an order has been started there are no refunds. If you tell me one reason you want a refund and then say "oh my stuff was damaged" you will not receive a refund. That's theft and deceit.

For damaged items please contact me within 7 days. I do my best to package your items in a way that will not cause damage in transit but somethings things happen.  

*Damaged means noticible damage such as a dent that would prevent a smooth surface. A ding or scratch does not qualify for any kind of refund. 


Your information will not be sold, given away or shown to anyone for any reason. Period end of story. My customers satisfaction and privacy are the most important thing there is.


 Terms and Conditions

  1. Turn around times on custom orders are generally around 2-3 weeks, but are subject to change depending on the difficulty of the order, materials needed etc. If the turn around will be longer due to volume of orders, I will let you know immediately! Please expect slightly longer wait times due to COVID-19 .
  2. NO order will be started until paid in full.
  3. All customs are made to order and in the order they are received! RTS are generally ready to ship unless you're adding a customization. Adding a customization could add up to 10 business days to make it ready to ship for you!
  4. If you have any issues with an order you've received, you must inform me within 7 days of shipment delivery. I will do my absolute best to resolve any issues you may have in a timely manner. There will be NO REFUNDS what-so-ever on custom orders after they've started the production process.
  5. You are responsible for the product once it's in your care. Every order includes a care card with instructions on how to take care of and get the most use out of your new item! I am not responsible for any damage that may result from misuse or improper care. 
  6. Although I am not responsible for damage from misuse or improper care of product, if something does happen and it's fixable, I offer repair services as well!
  7. Shipping in the US is generally $15. I do ship internationally as well, but pricing varies. I always do research to find the best shipping prices I can, but with the rates recently increasing, the shipping rates are also subject to change. Shipping in the US takes 2-5 days normally. 
  8. Please follow my social media for step by step updates on your order!
  9. There is generally a ZERO refund policy on ALL wholesale orders. This includes but is not limited to in stock, pre- orders and buy ins. *IF* a refund is given, the following restock fees apply.
-$20 restock fee for orders under $100
-$25 restock fee for orders from $101-$150
-$50 restock fee for orders $150+.
In the instance that a refund is provided for a buy in or pre-order, it will take up to 14 business days to process.
All refunds are at the owners discretion.
*****By placing an order with Just Beachy Designs LLC, you are agreeing to these terms and policies. *****




All tumblers listed under custom or ready to sell come with free shipping. Once an item leaves my possession I am not responsible for what happens to it in transit. With that being said, I am more than happy to file a claim on your behalf. If there is damage please start taking pictures and contact me immediately.