Leopard Tumbler Tumbler Print

Leopard Tumbler Tumbler Print

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This listing is for the SUBLIMATION transfer ONLY! You will NOT receive a tumbler in the mail, only the transfer itself. Tumblers are shown simply to give you an idea of what the transfer will look like once you have applied it to a sublimation blank.


----> Just Beachy Designs DOES NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!!! No exceptions. Please be sure your order is correct before processing your order!

----> The transfers will NOT have a watermark; they will come ready to press!

----> If you would like the mock-up, feel free to email me and I will send it.

----> Just Beachy Designs does send pressing instructions with each order.

-----> PRODUCTION time for Sublimation Transfers:

Sublimation Transfers typically ship in 3-5 business days

***Please be aware that certain things can and will influence production time. I do my best to avoid these situations and adhere to the current production time stated. But please be aware that this may not always be the case and while I will try to always notify you of delays, I reserve the right to change the production time without notice. I understand that you have customers waiting on the items as well, so I do my very best to get them out in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you!

----> SHIPPING OPTIONS chosen at checkout.

***Choosing UPGRADED shipping at checkout only speeds up the time it takes the postal service to deliver your package, it does NOT speed up the production time!

SIZE OPTIONS: All prints are designs for Straight tumblers

12 Oz Kids Sippy

5.15”x 10” Fits up to 5.15” tall by 3.18” Diameter

12 Oz Regular Can Koozie

4.”x 10.” fits up to 4.”x 3.18” diameter

12 Oz Tall Can Koozie

5.6”x10” fits up to 5.6”x 3.18” Diameter

20 Oz Skinny Straight

8.2”x9.40” - fits up to 8” tall by 2.99” diameter.

30 Oz Skinny Straight

9.6”x 10.25” – fits up to 9.6” tall by 3.26” diameter.

***If you need bigger or smaller, please let me know exact dimensions and I will do my best to accommodate.


- I use the highest quality sublimation printer inks and paper. They have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints onto sublimation materials when applied properly. Please message me with any questions you may have! Preferably before pressing!
- Sublimation transfers use a specific type of ink that is fused onto poly-substrate material when pressed with a high heat press.
- They are NOT vinyl therefore they will not have a texture to the image, peel, or crack.
- Sublimation transfers MUST be pressed onto tumblers that are poly-coated. Do not email me asking for a refund because you tried to sublimate tumblers not prepped for sublimation.
- Sublimation transfers MUST be heat pressed using an actual tumbler press, mug press or convection oven.
- Sublimation transfers will have a lighter and faded look to them until actually pressed onto the tumbler. The heat application is what makes the colors come out.
- WHITE colors do not print with sublimation. Therefore, if there is any white color on the design, it will end up being the color of the material you press it on. Example: A horse image with a white face pressed on a green tumbler. The horses face would be the green tumbler color, NOT white. It is recommended to use these images on white sublimation tumblers.
- Actual product colors MAY vary slightly from display photo due to device display capabilities and monitor settings. Every print is different and has different color variations, especially in the watercolor graphics. Please be aware of this before purchase as I DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for my products.
- I am not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are using the correct tumblers, and settings for the heating device. In the following weeks I will have tutorials listed on my website.

Transfer instructions:

Tumbler Press
- 350 degrees
- High Pressure
- Insert Tumbler
- Press 45 seconds
- Rotate 180 degrees
- Press 25 seconds
- HOT peel is recommended but can be done cool (no one likes touching something that is 350 degrees)

- Heat 400 degrees
- Insert Tumbler
- Rotate tumbler 120 degrees 3 times
- Remove tumbler and let cool enough to remove the print.


**Please note if you use an oven it can no longer be used for food!

---> NOTE: Each press or oven is different. I recommend testing your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best press for you! Please make sure to use protective wear while working with the hot stuff.


I offer UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL USE of my transfers! While I do not require credit, I do appreciate it.
Below are my terms of service:

- You may use this transfer for an unlimited amount of personal or small business use projects.

- You may NOT resell the transfer as is, you MUST add the transfer to a physical product before sale. IE Tumbler or mug

I believe in community over competition and want to help you make your small business successful by providing UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL USE of my transfers!

As always, if you have any questions or are looking for a specific design, please send us an email JustBeachyDesigns@outlook.com and I can certainly help you with that!

By placing your order with Just Beachy Designs, I assume you have taken the time to read my current production and shipping times as well as my policies and procedures and agree to abide by the policies and procedures.

Copyright @2021 Just Beachy Designs